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The video thumbnail attached to a video on platforms like YouTube is the face of the video and can play a significant role in a user's decision to click on it. Often you may need thumbnails of videos separately for various uses: creating a collage of different video thumbnails for your blog post, designing a cover image for your channel using different video thumbnails, if it comes automatically. If not generated then using it in social media posts, etc.

In any case, it is great to have a tool that allows you to instantly capture and download thumbnails to your device. That's exactly what our YouTube thumbnail downloader does. It allows you to create a thumbnail of any YouTube video and download it in a matter of seconds (go here for Vimeo thumbnails). Let's quickly go over the steps required to get thumbnails on your device.

Step for download YouTube thumbnails

You can download YouTube thumbnails in the following steps:

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

  1. Enter YouTube video URL like :
  2. After Enter the YouTube URL in the tool press Start.
  3. Select Your Youtube Thumbnail size [ HD (1280x720), SD (640x480), High (480x360), Medium (320x180), Default (120x90) ]
  4. Click on Download Image.

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

What is a YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is a useful free tool to find and download thumbnail images from YouTube videos. Each YouTube video can have up to five different sized thumbnails, which can be set in your YouTube account within the video settings.

To use YouTube Thumbnail Downloader, you'll need a YouTube video ID, which can be found in the video's URL. Once you have the video ID, you can easily generate a thumbnail URL for the video by replacing "yt-video-id" in the URL with the actual ID.

You can then visit one of these URLs to download the YouTube thumbnail image in different sizes and quality. A good YouTube thumbnail downloader will allow you to choose the resolution of the thumbnails you want to download.

It's important to note that while YouTube thumbnails are generally considered public domain images, it's still important to respect the copyright of the original creator. Make sure you have permission to use a thumbnail before using it, and be mindful of YouTube's terms of service when using a thumbnail in a way that implies endorsement by YouTube or the video's creator.




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