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If you do not fall sick in winter, do not forget to eat these 10 things


 In winter, low temperature affects the immune system of the body. This means that the risk of people getting sick more than any season is the highest at this time. To avoid diseases in this season, you should take special care of your diet (food avoid in winters). Health experts are of the opinion that in winter we should strictly avoid eating certain things.

If you do not fall sick in winter, do not forget to eat these 10 things

Here 10 Best Foods do not Eat to Avoid a Winter Cold

  1. Too sweet
  2. Fried food
  3. Histamine food
  4. Dairy products
  5. Caffeinated drinks
  6. Off season fruits and vegetables
  7. Strawberry
  8. Spicy food
  9. Packet off and chopped vegetables
  10. Red Meat

Too sweet

According to health experts, eating too much sweet food in the diet weakens our immune system. According to a study, people who eat sugary foods lose their ability to fight diseases caused by bacteria. We should stay away from commercial fruit juice, soft drinks and high sugar foods.

बहुत ज्यादा मीठा

Fried food

People are often advised not to eat fry food in any season. But the worst effect of such food is in winter. Fry food contains a lot of fat, which not only causes the problem of inflammation, but also increases the problem of fluid (mucus) in the chest.

फ्राइड फूड

Histamine food

Histamine is a compound made from the immune system that protects the body from unwanted substances. Some food items such as eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, dry fruits and yogurt have high amounts, which can increase the problem of mucus. They can be very painful in winter if there is a problem related to respiration.

हिस्टामिन फूड

Dairy products

All those qualities are found in dairy, which are very important for staying healthy. However, during the winter season, doctors recommend not to consume dairy products. Actually, the effect of dairy products is cold, due to which its intake works to make phlegm in the body. This may cause a sore throat, phlegm and cold.

डेयरी प्रोडक्ट

Caffeinated drinks

People often like coffee, tea, hot chocolate in winter. But do you know that the fat and caffeine present in all these things de-hydrate the body, due to which we can have many health problems.

कैफिनेटेड ड्रिंक्स

Off season fruits and vegetables

In the off-season, eating fruits and vegetables was not given much attention earlier, but now it is taken care of a lot in the cook book. According to health experts, we should avoid eating fruits and vegetables in the off-season, because such fruits and vegetables can be harmful to our health due to lack of fresh.

ऑफ सीजन फल-सब्जियां


Strawberries are slightly yellow in color compared to the summer season. The color of strawberry is directly related to its phytonutrients element. A darker color means more nutrients. Therefore it is better to eat it in the summer season.


Spicy food

A little pungency in food can give relief to your closed nose in winter, but it is very dangerous for your stomach. Therefore, it would be better to eat things that are easily digested rather than spicy. In this season, instead of chilli, include hot things in the diet.

तीखा खाना

Packet off and chopped vegetables

Packets and pre-harvested vegetables available in the market may reduce your work, but their consumption in winter can be very dangerous for health. Do not buy packaged vegetables at all this season. Bring fresh vegetables home, wash them well and then cut them.

पैकेट बंद और कटी हुई सब्जियां

Red meat

Red meat and eggs have the most protein. But in the winter season, the intake of more protein can increase the problem of mucus in your chest. You can eat fish instead of meat. Although fish also contains protein, but eating it does not cause any problem to health.

रेड मीट

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