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2020: New health insurance rules to be implemented in India


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October 01, 2020, will be observing new health insurance rules. The changes in the health cover have of course being introduced in the aftermath of Covid-19, a newly discovered contagious disease. The prices for premium health services will eventually rise with a cover of newly discovered diseases and issues faced by both the hospital staff as well as patients.

The new health insurance rules to be introduced post-Covid-19 inclusion will make 17 permanent illnesses outside the cover. In short, the diseases falling under the exclusion category have been reduced to 17, which will eventually increase the demand for premium cover.

It is contemplated that health insurance product will see a rise from five to 20 per cent in premium category

What illnesses will be covered in new health insurance plan?

Besides Covid 19, the new health insurance plan will be catering rising issues like mental illnesses, genetic diseases, physochological illness etc. Neuro disorder, oral chemotherapy, robotic surgery, stem cell therapy etc may be included.

Is health insurance covers pre existing conditions in India?

If an illness was diagonoised 48 months ago and you develop any symtopm three months after the insurance then it would be categorised as pre-existing.

How do I claim health insurance with new health insurance?

Claim will have a time period of eight years after paying the premium. In short, there will be no-evaluation until eight years once the policy has been taken.

What are the benefits of new health policy?

Patients will get full claim for things likePharmacy, implant and diagnostic among other medical expenses. However, there is a slight reduction in the claim due to the inclusion of new rules.

No ratio reduction will be beared by the patient for ICU chrages. This would come under the ambit of hospital room rent package.

How should I choose health insurance company?

If a patient has more than one health insurance plan, he can simply use one and move to the next and use the remaning amount from the other company. A claim can be rejected and accepted within a span of 30 days.

While shifting to other health insurance company product, older product waiting period can be included.

How will telemedicine be included in health policy?

Telemedicine will be a part of the health cover. Medicines of before and after treatment could be claimed. OPD patients will get full claims of telemedicine.

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