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World heart day: Significance, theme and quotes, greetings for healthy heart

 World Heart Day was created by the World Heart Federation on September 29, 1999 to inform people around the globe that cardiovascular disease (which includes heart diseases and brain strokes) is the world’s leading cause of death claiming many lives each year.


The day aims to highlight the actions that individuals can take to prevent and control cardiovascular diseases. It aims to educate people and drive action towards controlling the risk factors. If certain actions are kept in control, majority of premature deaths from heart related disease could be avoided.

Since the first World Heart Day, World Heart Federation has continued to sponsor this annual event assembling and distributing information and declaring a theme for the day each year. The information is communicated through public talks, podcasts, posters, and leaflets. In conjunction to the World Heart Day, there are free health checks, runs, walks, concerts, fund raising and various other events that are held. Scientific meetings and gatherings are also held on this day.

World Heart Day is a campaign where communities, families, individuals, and government participates in activities to take charge of their heart health and spread awareness about the same to others around them. Through this campaign people from various backgrounds and countries unite to fight against the burden caused by cardiovascular diseases and inspires to drive action to encourage a lifestyle that is good for heart health.

According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases take lives of 17.9 million people each year and it is responsible for 31% of all global deaths. Hence, one needs to understand the various risk factors that could lead to a heart related disease.

World heart day: Significance, why we celebrate and quotes for healthy heart
Use of tobacco
Unhealthy diet
Physical inactivity
Unhealthy consumption of alcohol

If the mentioned things are not kept in control by individuals, it could result in high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, obesity, all of which risks a good heart health.


This year, covid 19 pandemic has taken the spotlight in the healthcare sector. It has displayed the importance of the healthcare profession; national healthcare systems and it has also showcased our individual responsibilities for our own health and how vulnerable we are. Studies have shown that there is a link between cardiovascular diseases and covid 19, therefore, taking care of the heart is more important than ever today.

The theme for this years World Heart Day is Use heart to beat CVD. Through this the message being conveyed is that using heart is about using the following:

Your head

One must use their head to understand what it takes to live a heart healthy life and how to act on that knowledge by changing their behavior for a better quality of life now and in the future


One needs to set an example as an individual to the ones around them. Therefore, one should encourage others around them to take positive steps towards their heart health


One should use compassion and think about the vulnerable population of the society. We should support them especially during the unprecedented times of the COVID 19 pandemic

Besides the mentioned things, one should keep in mind to that the healthcare professionals who work all day, all year to support and help citizens like us in the time of need. We also need to remember that the ones with existing heart conditions need to be extra cautious and attend their regular check-ups and not be afraid to seek help for the same.

World Heart Day: Messages, quotes and greetings

World Heart Day: Messages, quotes and greetings
  • On the occasion of World Heart Day, I wish that your heart always stay healthy and happy. So take care of your diet and always keep your heart in good shape!
  • The best way to keep your heart in a healthy state is by eating right, sleeping right and not taking stress. Sending my best wishes on World Heart Day to you
  • If you have a healthy heart, you can enjoy a happy and long life. So encourage your loved ones to go for heart checkup this World Heart Day for a smooth life ahead
  • Let us celebrate World Heart Day by going for heart checkups and promising ourselves to eat healthy and live happy. Best wishes on World Heart Day to you
  • You live longer and healthier if you have a heart that beats without any complications

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