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Hindi Diwas 2019-20: Learn why Hindi Day is celebrated, learn 10 interesting things


Hindi Diwas 2019-20: India is a country of diversities.  Many languages ​​are spoken here.  When you go to all the regions of North India, Southern India, Eastern and Western India, then you will get a chance to get familiar with different languages.  In such a situation, Hindi will connect you with all those areas and people.  Wherever any Indian will be able to express his feelings from other Hindustani through Hindi language only.  If you can talk about your heart and mind easily in any language, then it is Hindi.  Today there is hardly any part of the country where Hindi is not spoken or understood easily.  Hindi is not only our mother tongue or national language, but it is a symbol of national identity and pride.  National language Hindi threads us into the thread of emotional unity.  Today, the number of Hindi speakers in the world is increasing day by day.  In honor of this Hindi, Hindi Day is celebrated every year on 14 September in the country.

Why Hindi Day is celebrated ?

 Two years after independence, Hindi was declared as the official language in the Constituent Assembly on 14 September 1949.  After this decision, from 1953 on September 14, India was celebrated as Hindi Day every year at the request of Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha, to spread Hindi in every region.  On 14 September 1953, Hindi Day was celebrated in the country for the first time.

 Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi called Hindi the language of the people.  In the Hindi Literary Conference held in 1918, he asked to make Hindi a national language.  After long deliberations after independence, it was finally decided on 14 September 1949 in the Constituent Assembly to make Hindi the official language.

 Section 343 (1) of the chapter 17 of the Constitution of India, in reference to the making of Hindi as the official language, reads as follows, 'The official language of the Union shall be Hindi and the script Devanagari.  The form of the numerals used for the official purposes of the Union will be the international form. '  However, many people were not happy with making Hindi the official language and started opposing it.  Due to this opposition, English was later given the status of official language.

 10 interesting things related to Hindi

  1.  Hindi is the fourth language spoken by most people in the world.  A survey conducted in 1997 found that 66 percent of people in India speak Hindi, while 77 percent understand it.  The number of people reading Hindi news in 2016 in digital medium was 5.5 crore, which is expected to increase to 14.4 crore in 2021.
  2.  According to Oxford World Dictionary 'World English Editor' Danica Salazar, 900 words of Hindi language have been found in the dictionary so far.  The world's most famous Oxford Dictionary (Dictionary) is replacing Indian words every year.  They have a plurality of Hindi words.
  3.  Oxford has included the Hindi word 'Chaddi' in the list of English words in the March edition of 2019.  Similarly, Bapu, Surya Namaskar and good words have also made it to this prestigious dictionary.  In 2017, Oxford included about 70 Indian words, of which more than 33 were Hindi.  Earlier in 2017, Nari Shakti and in 2018 the word Aadhaar was conferred with the title of 'Hindi Word of the Year'.  'Hey man!'  Words like Mughal, Nirvana, Pandit, thug, verandah were already included.  In the year 2017, the Oxford dictionary included Hindi words like 'good', 'big day', 'baby' and 'Surya Namaskar'.
  4.  A person named Rondon of Israel created 'Forwo', an online platform for correct pronunciation of languages ​​around the world.  According to this, one can correct his mistakes by listening to the pronunciation.  Started in 2008, this website has a buzz of Indian words.  So far, 14,741 Hindi words have been included in it.  These include words like Stree, Om, Kiran and Raita.
  5.  In the South Pacific Ocean region there is an island country named Fiji where Hindi has been given official language status.
  6.  In addition to India, Mauritius, Philippines, Nepal, Fiji, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, Tibet and Pakistan are correct but Hindi is spoken and understood with some changes.
  7.  The Government of India established the Central Hindi Institute in 1963 to pursue higher research in Hindi.  It has eight centers across the country.
  8.  The spread of Hindi on the Internet is happening fast.  The number of people reading Hindi news in 2016 in digital medium was 5.5 crore, which is expected to increase to 14.4 crore in 2021.
  9.  Currently Hindi is taught in hundreds of universities of the world and millions of people speak Hindi all over the world.  Hindi is being taught in more than one hundred and fifty educational institutions in America.
  10.  To promote Hindi globally, the 'World Hindi Conference' was started from 1975.
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