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How do I completely format an Android phone or Tablet?


How do I completely format an Android phone or Tablet? by KShare.

Formatting Android device is sometimes a powerful solution to deal with some issues. So you may ask: When we need to format Android phone?

This article is going to tell you how you can Reset Android Phones. Here we are discussing two methods to reset an Android phone. The first method is "Factory Reset" from the phone setting and the second from "Hard Reset" from android recovery mood.

  • You want to pass your Android to your friends or sell it in the market. Thus, you need to delete your personal data off your device.

  • You are frustrated when it takes 10 minutes to run an app, or some consistent bugs you find difficult to remove. Then you want to format Android phone for the solution.

  • You may sometime forget the password to unlock screen. So you may want to format your Android when locked.

Methode 1 - Factory Reset From The Phone Setting

Step 1 - Go to your phone setting.

Step 2 - Scroll down and find "Backup & Reset". Then select that option.

Step 3 - Select "Factory data reset".

Remember that your all data of internal storage will be erased. so before selecting it, you should make backup your data.

Step 4 - Select "Reset Phone" option. Then Put your unlock pattern or password (if asked).

Step 5 - Select "Erase everything".

After doing step 5, your android phone will Restart automatically and start erasing everything. Erasing data process may take a long time because it depends on your stored data size.

Now all data is erased from your android phone. And the factory data reset is completed.


Methode 2 - Factory Reset From The Phone Setting

Step 1 Go to "Settings" app on your Android device.
Step 2 Tap "Backup and reset" option and then scroll down to the button of the screen and choose "Factory data reset" from the options. And now, please tap on the "RESET DEVICE" button to reset your Android to factory defaults.

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