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Holi Special,Special on Holi,Holi Festival Special


Holi Special,Special on Holi,Holi Festival Special

Holi Festival brings a lot of fun and enjoyment for people in India and abroad. Special Holi spirit and uniqueness is quite apparent from Holi festivities all around.

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Holi Special

Holi Festival brings a lot of fun and enjoyment for people in India and abroad. Special Holi spirit and uniqueness is quite apparent from Holi festivities all around. Many colorful and vivid activities develops special importance for Holi and its celebration. People merrily follow all Holi traditions and rituals. Holi celebrations are not only confined to performance of rituals but also there are so many fun-filled activities which makes Holi worth memorable.

In recent years, Holi songs have influenced people a lot. Whether it's a small Holi gathering or a huge party, Holi Bollywood and other songs have always been in demand. People splurge in the Holi mood, drink bhaang and thandai and dance on various Holi songs.

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Holi celebrations in Film Industry has always been an attraction for the general public. People are keenly interested to know how their stars celebrate the colorful occasion. There are also other Holi specials to make an everlasting celebration. Some of the most popular Holi activities are given below:

  • Tradition of Thandai

  • Tradition of Bhang

  • Holi in Film Industry

  • Holi Mela

  • Holi Songs

  • Holi Songs from Bollywood

  • Bhajan on Holi

  • Holi Safety Tips

  • Holi Muhurat

Holi Mela

Holi Mela infuse vibrancy and enthusiasm amongst people in India and abroad. Large number of tourists are attracted towards these grand affair of Holi celebration. Holi fairs are more popular in villages than they are in cities. People from far off villages specially move down to the village holding the Holi Fair a week before the festival. Holi Mela serves as a full entertainment package for young children and elders. One can visualize the craze and love to celebrate the colorful festival with these Holi fairs.

Excitement for Holi MelaExcitement for Holi Mela is palpable amongst the visitors. Their broad smile, garish clothes and enthusiasm says it all. Holi Mela hold much importance for people who live far from their families. Holi Mela showcase the best of Indian culture and Holi celebrations, that's why most of the people living far off take out time to be attend Holi fair.

Grand Holi Melas are usually organized in villages which has a special cultural and traditional touch to it. People from India and other countries come to celebrate the colorful festival of Holi by visiting special Holi Melas.

But apart from serving as the source of entertainment Holi Mela play a significant role of bringing people together. During these fairs people come closer and renew relationships. Holi fairs help children to understand their religion and the festival in the most joyous manner. In several Holi Fairs, competitions for children are also organized to attract the kids and bring out their latent talent.

Holi Mela – Splash of Colors and FunHoli Mela is becoming an ideal option for people who want to spend Holi in a different and more colorful way. People enthusiastically visit these fairs to enjoy the Holi Festival. Color is the main theme of the Holi fair. Every where one can see fragrant colors either kept in thalis or gunny bags. Even shopkeepers are seen with painted faces and hands to create the perfect aura of Holi Festival. People also smear each others' faces with a little bit of gulal and abeer.

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Different stalls lined up at the fair are also based on some or the other Holi theme. A separate section for Holi dance and songs is created where artists from various places come and entertain people. Magic and puppet shows based on various themes drew maximum attention of the visitors especially kids. Large food sections including variety of special Holi sweets and other dishes is too difficult for the visitors to resist. People love to taste the traditional Holi sweets like gujiya and malpuas. Besides, stalls of traditional clothes, Holi toys for kids and jewelry, there are special shops selling beautiful earthen pots indicating the advent of summer. Shops like those of handcrafted items attract a large number of foreign visitors. Main attraction of the Holi Mela are the traditional drinks of Bhaang and Thandai. People present in the Holi fair love to taste the traditional drink and enjoy the excitement of Holi.

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